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Language & Cultural Heritage Track:

English Language & Arts from NYC and beyond

Strengthen English language skills while discussing visual art, literature, music, and

popular culture.

Italian Language & the Discovery of Venetian Cultural Heritage
Italian food and art history are a global brand, but do you know the real stories and language behind it? Dive into our interactive course and learn about authentic Italy through its language, local life, artisan traditions and cultural heritage.
Spanish Language & Cultural Heritage 
Discover the Spanish language through local insights and lifestyle. Learn about artisan traditions, culture and contemporary customs in an authentic Spanish manner.
German Language & Virtual Tours around Berlin 
There is more to Germany than wurst and beer. Discover the German language through the tales of the Brothers Grimm, Struwwelpeter, classic films, and audiobooks of classic literature.
French Language & Cultural Heritage
Through exploration of French art, culture and customs, you will master the key elements of this wonderful language and how to fearlessly (and correctly) pronounce it.
Japanese Language & Cultural Heritage 
From the quiet of Buddhist temples to the bustle of busy streets lined with sushi bars and karaoke, Japan is a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. Begin your journey of learning Japanese language, by diving into the culture of Japan, its artistic heritage and local lifestyle.




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